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Monday, December 31st, 2001

Subject:Clovis... :*[
Time:9:55 am.
Mood: blah.
Today will be a fucking week. I haven't talked to Clovis.. god I miss him so much. Yeah well.. my birthdays Friday the 4th. Not that any of you care. Idk what I'm going to do....me and my sister have plans. Well I'm out, HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE EVERYONE!
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Wednesday, December 26th, 2001

Subject:Help me with my background someone?!
Time:11:33 am.
Mood: scared.
Damnit! Can someone please help me fix my fucking background?! :[

How do I change my font and make it smaller?

Ugh life sucks.

I'm lonely.. not that any of you care.

I need someone to talk to..
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Tuesday, December 25th, 2001

Subject:You can listen to me bitch, k?
Time:8:02 pm.
Mood: depressed.
I haven't posted in a while.

I'm thinking of deleting my journal.

I'm too fucking lazy n shit to keep up with it.

Maybe someone will stop me from it.

My birthdays comming up. January 4th! ;D

Anyways, Christmas sucked.

My life sucks.

I wanna crawl in a small hole and die. :]

Clovis left today.

He went out of town for Christmas and won't be back until the 2nd of January.

I miss him.

I'm depressed.

Mmmk, I know none of you out there give a fuck about what I'm saying.

So....I'll bitch later.

I miss Manda! :[ <333

k?, thnx! bye

I want Clovis.. :[

Mandaaaa I miss you<333 :[
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Sunday, December 9th, 2001

Subject:La la la..
Time:12:41 pm.
Mood: awake.
Ahh yesterday was weird.. me and my little sister stayed home just about all day and I talked to Clovis then we left around 4:30 to go to the mall then we were going to the movies for her birthday.. lol we saw Harry Potter.. gay movie we almost got in trouble throwing popcorn everywhere and we were being loud during the movie. We had fun in the mall running around in the stores. I bought a phone card and i called Clovis last night we talked from 11:15 to like 3:15 in the morning. I really wanna go see him. Well uhm i'm gonna go i'll post back later.
I love you Clovis
<3Much Love<3

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Friday, December 7th, 2001

Time:4:50 pm.
Mood: sick.
Lj's being gayyyy..dammit. I HATEEEEE my life! Someone shoot me?!
I'm lonely.. i need someone to talk too :[ *dies* :D

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Tuesday, November 27th, 2001

Subject:Tired. :[
Time:6:39 pm.
Mood: sleepy.
I got to talk to Clovis on the phone for like almost 4 hours last night ;D that made me happy..hopefully I'll get to talk to him tonight. Well anyways.. I'm bored.. and tired. Can anyone help me make a webpage with a blog and links to tell about myself? If so.. leave me comments or e-mail me.

Much Luv

I Love Clovis*~!
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Sunday, November 25th, 2001

Subject:Someone Kill me?
Time:12:21 am.
Mood: worried.
Hiie to anyone who's reading this..sorry I haven't posted lately. I've been too depressed.. My life's a living hell, seriously I don't want to be here anymore. I haven't gotten to talk to Clovis in like 3 days.. and I got to talk to him earlier he was at his friends house.. but now he's not on :[. My aunt from Arkansas came down and picked me up from school Wensday and then we came home.. then we went to get my little sister and we went shopping and didn't get home until 10.. and she left like 15 minutes later to go get ready and pack because she was leaving.. and I got to call Clovis that night.. we talked for like 3 hours. Well, uhm.. Thanksgiving sucked..being depressed and trying to be happy is hard.. I couldn't do it. Well last night I was talking to my friend Jenn and she was talking about Clovis not trusting me about somethings and it kinda got me worried...oh well maybe I screwed up again.. my life sucks. Well the weekend went by fast.. I don't want to go back to school.. I came close to breaking my wrist today.. god I miss Clovis so much.. I feel like i did something wrong..because he seemed a little different tonight I don't wanna loose him again I love him with all my heart.. I just wished I knew what to do.. i'm paranoid I guess.. well i'm going to go lay down or something. Can someone help me or something..?

<3 Tiff*~!
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Sunday, November 18th, 2001

Subject:Bored....yet again :P
Time:6:55 pm.
Mood: working.
I'm almost finished with my report 21 whole pages all together! It was annoying I didn't wanna do it but I didn't wanna fail either. I have noooo idea what I'm doing for Thanksgiving I'm just glad I get 3 days off from school. I hate it.. the only thing good about going to school is seeing friends. But offline friends are fucked.. always turning on you and shit. I loveee all my online friends*<3 their always there for me. Ugh I hate Mike.. dumb bastard I wish he would jump off a bridge or something :]!

Aww, Clovis is soooo sweet *tears up* >:p

Look into my window tell me what you see lieutenant university of philosophy.... says:
love you sweety
ޮ�tt� �� T�宧 says:
i love you too
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Time:4:15 pm.
ahh I'm bored.. someone leave me comments!! :[
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Time:3:12 pm.
Mood: cheerful.
Hiiie :]. I just got back from pizza hut I saw my friend Andrew there.. from school he's a cutie. I'm talking to Clovis right now yay what fun. lalala.. well I'm going to go. Toodles :P
..Much Love
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Subject:Uhm Yay? >:P
Time:11:52 am.
Mood: hyper.
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Time:10:45 am.
Mood: sleepy.
I talked to Clovis on the phone for like.. 3 hours? I was funnnn.. no one's really on-line right now :[ I'm talking to Shawn and Justin..uhm well I don't know what to talk about so I'm going to go.

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Saturday, November 17th, 2001

Time:9:49 pm.
Mood: excited.
OMG YAY.. CLOVIS IS ON.. woooooo *out of breath* I'm GONNA GO TALK TO HIM
Love yaz!!


I heart youuuuu~! :]
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Subject:Survey.. ;D
Time:9:07 pm.
Mood: bored.
Lalala.. I'm bored as hell.. waiting for Clovis to come on I wanna call him tonight [:!
Well I'm gonna post this survey thingy.

What time is it: 7:46 am
What is the date: November 17, 2001

*Info about you*
Name: Tiffany-Marie
Age: 16
Sex: pms/qurlie
Birthday: jan 4, 1985
Where do you live: florida
Where else have you lived: louisana for a while..
What state: still florida
Zodiac Sign: capricorn [:
What school do you go to: pasco high
What is your mascot: pirate!
What are your school colors: red, black, & white
Nicknames: i have alot..
Where were you born: florida...duhh
What hospital: i dont remember?
What are your hobbies: Dancing, music, writing poetry, singing, shopping,
movies, hanging around, partying, etc.
Hair color: light brown
Ever died your hair: Yes.
What color: champagne blonde which didnt turn out that lite...and like a dark
reddish blackish color
Hair length: medium!
Eye color: hazel
Height: 5'4
Have any pets: yes dogs, cats, etc.
Whats their names: im not naming them all
What do you fear most in the world: death,losing some1 you love i guess..
What do you regret the most: i dunno??
If you could do anything without consequences, what would it be: Party 24/7
Do you have braces: nope.
Do you have glasses: nope.
Are you good at school: not really..
Shoe size: 7

Car: 2001 silver mitsubishi eclipse spyder convertible
Color: purple, black, silver, pink
Teacher: 6th gr- ms austin
Class: none? school sucks ass.....
Day of the week: Saturday
Holiday: christmas~!
Season: Summer
Month: i dunno....all?
Sport: cheerleading
Movie: save the last dance, valentine, twister, bless the child
Actress: Julia Stiles
Actor: Josh Hartnett <3
T.V. show: Friends, *7th Heaven*, full house
Food: italian, or chinese
Drink: cherry coke
Band: linkin park, system of the down..i have alot!
Male singer: hmm...i dunno
Female singer: Fiona Apple
E-mail buddy: no one? :[
Brand of shoes: Sketchers.
Radio station: 97.9
Room in your house: My room
Concert you have been to: Ozzfest was the coolest one...alot of good bands
were there..Linkin Park, Slipknot, System of the down, Metallica, Godsmack,
CD: Too many.
Pizza Topping: cheeeeeeese
City: NYC
Letter: fu..
Number: 77
Vacation spot: orlando
Cereal: ...i hate cereal
Ice cream flavor: Cookies n' Cream, Strawberry
Video game: none

*Your friends*
Friends: 2 many!
Best friend(s): kim and nat <33
Spend most time with: jess, heather, kim, natalie, steve and justin
Who do you have the most inside jokes with: wtf would you care?

*This or That*
Red or Blue: Blue
Pretzels or Potato Chips: either...?
Jeans or Khakis: Jeans
Comedy or Drama: Comedy
Computer or TV: Computer!
Gold or Silver: Silver
Outgoing or Shy: Shy
Tall or Short: short
Breakfast or Dinner: dinner.
Day or Night: Night
Radio or Cd's: Cd's
Internet or Phone: Internet
98 degrees or O town: neither...they both suck ass!!
Happy or sad: sad
Guy or girl: guy
Sexy or Cute: Sexy
Tuff or wimpy: Tuff
Strong or weak: Strong
Funny or hilarious: Hilarious
Summer or winter: summer
Love or lust: lol...both?
Friends or family: Friends
Car or truck: Car
Dog or cat: dog
Walk or run: walk
Inside or outside: Inside
Hurricane or Tornado: hurricane
Thunder or lightning: both
Rain or snow: both..
Hail or sleet: Hail
Sunny or cloudy: Cloudy.
Loud or quiet: Loud
Mcdonalds or Burger king: mcdonalds
Hardee's or Arby's: arby's!
Rebel or goodie goodie: psh...i dunno
Coffee or tea: tea
Coke or pepsi: Pepsi
Mr. Pibb or Dr. Pepper: dr pepper~!
White chocolate or normal chocolate: both!!
Britney or Christina: their both ugly sluts...NEITHER!
Black or white: Black
Chocolate or vanilla: chocolate
Diary or journal: Journal
Writing or typing: Writing
Cold or hot: cold
Pen or pencil: Pen
Candle or insence: Candle.
Plain paper or lined paper: lined
Blonde or brunette: Who cares?
Curly or straight: both...my hairs curly sometimes..nut its usually straight
Blanket or sleeping bag: Blanket.
Shower or bath: Shower
Body wash or soap: Body Wash
Purfume or Body spray: body spray
Wal-mart or target: target
American Eagle or Abercrombie: neither.....suck ass clothes
Hamburgers or hotdogs: Hamburgers.
Great America or Universal Studios: Universal Studios
Pochahontas or Mulan: mulan
Swimmer's ear or ear infection: fu...
Pop tart or toaster strudels: Pop tarts
Chicken or turkey: Chicken
Shorts or pants: Pants
Tank tops or t-shirts: Tank tops
Mandy moore or Jessica simpson: lol look Clovis...your girl Mandy Moore!
*cough*ugly slut*cough* ;x
Spanish or German: Spanish
Rich and dumb or Poor and smart: Rich and dumb! :X
Markers or colored pencils: Markers
Boxers or briefs: Boxers
Nike or Adidas: Adidas
Mercedes or BMW: BOTH
Army or Navy: Army
Orange or grape: grape
Lime or lemon: Lemon
Striped or plaid: Plaid
Innie or outie: Innie
Hot tub or sauna: hot tub ;x
Land or water: Water
Sneeze or cough: Sneeze
Skittles or M&M's: both..
Truth or dare: Dare
Letterman or Leno: Letterman
SNL or mad tv: SNL
Drummers or guitar players: blah

*Which way would you spell it*
Megan or Meghan: Megan
Lacey or Lacy: Lacey
Steven or Stephen: Steven
Kurt or Curt: Kurt
Mark or Marc: Marc
Brandi or Brandy: Brandy
Eric or Erik: Eric
Corrine or Carine: Corrine
Kari or Carrie: Carrie
Jackie or Jackqui: Jackie
Deseray or Desirae: Desirae
Ashley or Ashleigh: Ashlee
Their or there: There
Two, too, or to: To
Here or hear: Here

*Love life*
Do you have a crush: uhm boyfriend.
Whats his or her name: Clovis!
How old are they: 15
How long have you liked him or her: long time!
Do you prefer being the dumper or the dumpee: *no comment*.
Do you think there is a person for everyone: Yes i guess
If yes, do you know who yours is: ...huh?
Do you believe in love at first sight: No that's lust
Have you ever been in love: Yes i guess
What do you think love is: blahhhhh i dont feel like typing it out!!!
Do you have a b/f or g/f: duh!
Do you want one: stfu
How long have you been together: 1o*12*o1
When was your first kiss: pre school

First grade teacher's name: mrs barr
Last word you said: stupid assed fuck nut..
Last song you sang: idk
Last meal you ate: candy..but that isnt a meal
Favorite childhood cartoon: carebears
What did you hate most about school: everything..
Last person you flipped off: some stupid ass slut.....last night
Last song stuck in your head: linkin park- in the end
What line/verse: "I tried so hard and got so far but in the end it doesn't
even matter I had to fall and lose it all but in the end It doesn't even
Last time you bled: ummm when i cut myself..which is kinda alot

What's in your CD player: my linkin park cd ;)
What color sox are you wearing: white
What's under your bed: Stuff
What's the weather like: Cold
What time did you wake up today: 10:45
Did you think it was earlier, later, or on time: i dont know and dont care

Who do you want to marry: i dunno.
Are you going to college: yeah
If so, how long do you want to go: umm til whenever im done with wutever i
wanna be
Where do you want to go: im not sure..
What is your career going to be: doctor..probaly
Where are you going to live: no clue
How many kids do you want: 3
Kids names girls: vivian, summer, jena
Kids names boys: mike, patrick
Where do you want your honeymoon: Hawaii
What kind of car will you have: One I can afford.
What kind of house will you have: A big one

*Have you ever*
Smoked: ...no
Been Drunk: lol..Yes
Skinny dipped: *no comment* ;]
Stole: Yes
Stayed up all night on the internet: Yep
Met someone off the internet (in person): nope.
Been in a fist fight: no
Been in a cat fight: lol yeah...stupid bitch thought she could beat me up
Wanted to kill someone: *no comment*
Fell off a chair: Yes

Do you like your handwriting: no
If you could be anybody, who would you be and why: no one...i like being
Which superhero would you be: Cat woman :P
Do you have any piercings: yea my belly button, ears & cartlidge...i wanna
get my tounge periced
Any tattoos: Nope, not yet anyways
If so where: lower back
If not, where and what do you want: i dunno
Are you picky: Yes..kinda
What makes you cry: Lots of things
What makes you mad: People...alot of shit
What do you think of Eminem: ah different
Do you like cartoons: i dont watch t.v much
Do you believe in heaven: i guess
Do you believe in God: yea sure.. why not?
Do you think there is a hell: Sure
Do you believe in the devil: Yes
When you get mad, do you swear a lot: oh hell ya..lol
Got milk: i hate it but ya.. i got it?
Do you have a magic 8 ball: no..those are a piece of shit
Ever worn black nail polish: yesh its KOOL!
Do you have your own tv and vcr: Yes
Do you believe in fate: Not sure
Do you see dead people: lol oh yah THEIR SCARYYYYY *HIDES*
Are you a good speller: yah
Do you ever steal anything from hotels: lol......yeah
What is your last name backwards?: samoht
Do you want to be the first person on the sun when you grow up?: i am grown
Pimps - cool, scary, or illegal?: dumb

*What Do These Words Make You Think Of*
Rainbow: pretty
Frog: green
Carol: brady....lol
Solider: i dunno
Star: sky
Ticket: Movies
Breakfast: cereal

*This or that*
Florida or California?: BOTH...wait didnt you already do the this or that
Sprite or 7-UP?: Sprite
Mountains or the beach?: The beach
Savage Garden or BB Mak?: neither
AIM or MSN Messenger?: MSN
Geography or Math?: yuck neither
Leonardo DiCaprio - hot or not?: used to be.
Private schools or Public schools?: public
Email or Phone?: Phone
Baseball or Basketball?: Baseball
Do you like quieter people or extremely outgoing people?: outgoing
Sun or Moon?: Moon
Christmas or Your Birthday?: Both
Blue or Purple?: purple
Creed or Blink-182?: creed
Gelly Roll pens or Milky Pens?: gelly roll<3
Gap or Limited?: gap
Bath & Body Works or The Body Shop?: B&BW
Australia or Africa?: Australia..
Flirting or a good conversation?: Both
Which is scarier: tornado, hurricane, or earthquake?: ALL.
Middle School or High School?: High School
Wavy/curly hair or straight hair?: Straight
Blue eyes or Brown eyes?: blue :x
Gelled hair or un-gelled hair (for guys)?: Gelled
Nintendo 64 or Playstation?: playstation!
Guinea Pigs or Hamsters?: guinea pigs
Bikinis or Tankinis?: Bikini's
Hawaii or the Bahamas?: Both I guess....

Ok I think you know enough.

What time is it? 8:57 pm

*~Clovis rox my sox ;] Lubbers ya!~*
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Subject:Depression :[
Time:8:17 pm.
Mood: depressed.
Ah.. god I feel so fucking depressed and me being sick doesn't help.. I bought another calling card so I could call Clovis today. Aww he's so cute I'll post a picture up of him later. I lubbers him so much~! :] .I'm still working on that gay project.. I'll be tyoing alot for a while. Well I'm gonna go I'll post up a survey later.

Love yaz~!!

I Love You Clovis.. Always and Forever <333
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Time:4:27 pm.
Mood: sick.
I made a new journal.. maybe i'll update this one more than the other one. Uhm I'm just looking to make more friends now.. i guess. I'm sick with the flu or something.. so life sucks right now :[ .Well I'm gonna go I have a big ass project to work on :X

*Watch me bleed to death

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