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Bored....yet again :P

I'm almost finished with my report 21 whole pages all together! It was annoying I didn't wanna do it but I didn't wanna fail either. I have noooo idea what I'm doing for Thanksgiving I'm just glad I get 3 days off from school. I hate it.. the only thing good about going to school is seeing friends. But offline friends are fucked.. always turning on you and shit. I loveee all my online friends*<3 their always there for me. Ugh I hate Mike.. dumb bastard I wish he would jump off a bridge or something :]!

Aww, Clovis is soooo sweet *tears up* >:p

Look into my window tell me what you see lieutenant university of philosophy.... says:
love you sweety
ޮ�tt� �� T�宧 says:
i love you too
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