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Someone Kill me?

Hiie to anyone who's reading this..sorry I haven't posted lately. I've been too depressed.. My life's a living hell, seriously I don't want to be here anymore. I haven't gotten to talk to Clovis in like 3 days.. and I got to talk to him earlier he was at his friends house.. but now he's not on :[. My aunt from Arkansas came down and picked me up from school Wensday and then we came home.. then we went to get my little sister and we went shopping and didn't get home until 10.. and she left like 15 minutes later to go get ready and pack because she was leaving.. and I got to call Clovis that night.. we talked for like 3 hours. Well, uhm.. Thanksgiving sucked..being depressed and trying to be happy is hard.. I couldn't do it. Well last night I was talking to my friend Jenn and she was talking about Clovis not trusting me about somethings and it kinda got me worried...oh well maybe I screwed up again.. my life sucks. Well the weekend went by fast.. I don't want to go back to school.. I came close to breaking my wrist today.. god I miss Clovis so much.. I feel like i did something wrong..because he seemed a little different tonight I don't wanna loose him again I love him with all my heart.. I just wished I knew what to do.. i'm paranoid I guess.. well i'm going to go lay down or something. Can someone help me or something..?

<3 Tiff*~!
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