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Clovis... :*[

Today will be a fucking week. I haven't talked to Clovis.. god I miss him so much. Yeah well.. my birthdays Friday the 4th. Not that any of you care. Idk what I'm going to do....me and my sister have plans. Well I'm out, HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE EVERYONE!
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January 14 2002, 10:09:27 UTC 16 years ago

tiffaaaaaaaaaaaa i love u sweety u havnt posted in a very long time..im home from school...i was "sick" i looooooooooooove u and i cant wait to talk to u tonight and keeeeeeeeep posting sweety its fun
hey can i add u to my friends list?
Yeah, sure.. but I'm thinking of making a new lj name, so when I do I'll give it to ya. Btw, if you wanna talk my s/n on aol is Raz0r Kitten.
MSN is glittered_whore@hotmail.com
Hello. I though you looked interesting. I'm going to add you. If you could please add me back, it would would be appreciated =)