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Survey.. ;D

Lalala.. I'm bored as hell.. waiting for Clovis to come on I wanna call him tonight [:!
Well I'm gonna post this survey thingy.

What time is it: 7:46 am
What is the date: November 17, 2001

*Info about you*
Name: Tiffany-Marie
Age: 16
Sex: pms/qurlie
Birthday: jan 4, 1985
Where do you live: florida
Where else have you lived: louisana for a while..
What state: still florida
Zodiac Sign: capricorn [:
What school do you go to: pasco high
What is your mascot: pirate!
What are your school colors: red, black, & white
Nicknames: i have alot..
Where were you born: florida...duhh
What hospital: i dont remember?
What are your hobbies: Dancing, music, writing poetry, singing, shopping,
movies, hanging around, partying, etc.
Hair color: light brown
Ever died your hair: Yes.
What color: champagne blonde which didnt turn out that lite...and like a dark
reddish blackish color
Hair length: medium!
Eye color: hazel
Height: 5'4
Have any pets: yes dogs, cats, etc.
Whats their names: im not naming them all
What do you fear most in the world: death,losing some1 you love i guess..
What do you regret the most: i dunno??
If you could do anything without consequences, what would it be: Party 24/7
Do you have braces: nope.
Do you have glasses: nope.
Are you good at school: not really..
Shoe size: 7

Car: 2001 silver mitsubishi eclipse spyder convertible
Color: purple, black, silver, pink
Teacher: 6th gr- ms austin
Class: none? school sucks ass.....
Day of the week: Saturday
Holiday: christmas~!
Season: Summer
Month: i dunno....all?
Sport: cheerleading
Movie: save the last dance, valentine, twister, bless the child
Actress: Julia Stiles
Actor: Josh Hartnett <3
T.V. show: Friends, *7th Heaven*, full house
Food: italian, or chinese
Drink: cherry coke
Band: linkin park, system of the down..i have alot!
Male singer: hmm...i dunno
Female singer: Fiona Apple
E-mail buddy: no one? :[
Brand of shoes: Sketchers.
Radio station: 97.9
Room in your house: My room
Concert you have been to: Ozzfest was the coolest one...alot of good bands
were there..Linkin Park, Slipknot, System of the down, Metallica, Godsmack,
CD: Too many.
Pizza Topping: cheeeeeeese
City: NYC
Letter: fu..
Number: 77
Vacation spot: orlando
Cereal: ...i hate cereal
Ice cream flavor: Cookies n' Cream, Strawberry
Video game: none

*Your friends*
Friends: 2 many!
Best friend(s): kim and nat <33
Spend most time with: jess, heather, kim, natalie, steve and justin
Who do you have the most inside jokes with: wtf would you care?

*This or That*
Red or Blue: Blue
Pretzels or Potato Chips: either...?
Jeans or Khakis: Jeans
Comedy or Drama: Comedy
Computer or TV: Computer!
Gold or Silver: Silver
Outgoing or Shy: Shy
Tall or Short: short
Breakfast or Dinner: dinner.
Day or Night: Night
Radio or Cd's: Cd's
Internet or Phone: Internet
98 degrees or O town: neither...they both suck ass!!
Happy or sad: sad
Guy or girl: guy
Sexy or Cute: Sexy
Tuff or wimpy: Tuff
Strong or weak: Strong
Funny or hilarious: Hilarious
Summer or winter: summer
Love or lust: lol...both?
Friends or family: Friends
Car or truck: Car
Dog or cat: dog
Walk or run: walk
Inside or outside: Inside
Hurricane or Tornado: hurricane
Thunder or lightning: both
Rain or snow: both..
Hail or sleet: Hail
Sunny or cloudy: Cloudy.
Loud or quiet: Loud
Mcdonalds or Burger king: mcdonalds
Hardee's or Arby's: arby's!
Rebel or goodie goodie: psh...i dunno
Coffee or tea: tea
Coke or pepsi: Pepsi
Mr. Pibb or Dr. Pepper: dr pepper~!
White chocolate or normal chocolate: both!!
Britney or Christina: their both ugly sluts...NEITHER!
Black or white: Black
Chocolate or vanilla: chocolate
Diary or journal: Journal
Writing or typing: Writing
Cold or hot: cold
Pen or pencil: Pen
Candle or insence: Candle.
Plain paper or lined paper: lined
Blonde or brunette: Who cares?
Curly or straight: both...my hairs curly sometimes..nut its usually straight
Blanket or sleeping bag: Blanket.
Shower or bath: Shower
Body wash or soap: Body Wash
Purfume or Body spray: body spray
Wal-mart or target: target
American Eagle or Abercrombie: neither.....suck ass clothes
Hamburgers or hotdogs: Hamburgers.
Great America or Universal Studios: Universal Studios
Pochahontas or Mulan: mulan
Swimmer's ear or ear infection: fu...
Pop tart or toaster strudels: Pop tarts
Chicken or turkey: Chicken
Shorts or pants: Pants
Tank tops or t-shirts: Tank tops
Mandy moore or Jessica simpson: lol look Clovis...your girl Mandy Moore!
*cough*ugly slut*cough* ;x
Spanish or German: Spanish
Rich and dumb or Poor and smart: Rich and dumb! :X
Markers or colored pencils: Markers
Boxers or briefs: Boxers
Nike or Adidas: Adidas
Mercedes or BMW: BOTH
Army or Navy: Army
Orange or grape: grape
Lime or lemon: Lemon
Striped or plaid: Plaid
Innie or outie: Innie
Hot tub or sauna: hot tub ;x
Land or water: Water
Sneeze or cough: Sneeze
Skittles or M&M's: both..
Truth or dare: Dare
Letterman or Leno: Letterman
SNL or mad tv: SNL
Drummers or guitar players: blah

*Which way would you spell it*
Megan or Meghan: Megan
Lacey or Lacy: Lacey
Steven or Stephen: Steven
Kurt or Curt: Kurt
Mark or Marc: Marc
Brandi or Brandy: Brandy
Eric or Erik: Eric
Corrine or Carine: Corrine
Kari or Carrie: Carrie
Jackie or Jackqui: Jackie
Deseray or Desirae: Desirae
Ashley or Ashleigh: Ashlee
Their or there: There
Two, too, or to: To
Here or hear: Here

*Love life*
Do you have a crush: uhm boyfriend.
Whats his or her name: Clovis!
How old are they: 15
How long have you liked him or her: long time!
Do you prefer being the dumper or the dumpee: *no comment*.
Do you think there is a person for everyone: Yes i guess
If yes, do you know who yours is: ...huh?
Do you believe in love at first sight: No that's lust
Have you ever been in love: Yes i guess
What do you think love is: blahhhhh i dont feel like typing it out!!!
Do you have a b/f or g/f: duh!
Do you want one: stfu
How long have you been together: 1o*12*o1
When was your first kiss: pre school

First grade teacher's name: mrs barr
Last word you said: stupid assed fuck nut..
Last song you sang: idk
Last meal you ate: candy..but that isnt a meal
Favorite childhood cartoon: carebears
What did you hate most about school: everything..
Last person you flipped off: some stupid ass slut.....last night
Last song stuck in your head: linkin park- in the end
What line/verse: "I tried so hard and got so far but in the end it doesn't
even matter I had to fall and lose it all but in the end It doesn't even
Last time you bled: ummm when i cut myself..which is kinda alot

What's in your CD player: my linkin park cd ;)
What color sox are you wearing: white
What's under your bed: Stuff
What's the weather like: Cold
What time did you wake up today: 10:45
Did you think it was earlier, later, or on time: i dont know and dont care

Who do you want to marry: i dunno.
Are you going to college: yeah
If so, how long do you want to go: umm til whenever im done with wutever i
wanna be
Where do you want to go: im not sure..
What is your career going to be: doctor..probaly
Where are you going to live: no clue
How many kids do you want: 3
Kids names girls: vivian, summer, jena
Kids names boys: mike, patrick
Where do you want your honeymoon: Hawaii
What kind of car will you have: One I can afford.
What kind of house will you have: A big one

*Have you ever*
Smoked: ...no
Been Drunk: lol..Yes
Skinny dipped: *no comment* ;]
Stole: Yes
Stayed up all night on the internet: Yep
Met someone off the internet (in person): nope.
Been in a fist fight: no
Been in a cat fight: lol yeah...stupid bitch thought she could beat me up
Wanted to kill someone: *no comment*
Fell off a chair: Yes

Do you like your handwriting: no
If you could be anybody, who would you be and why: no one...i like being
Which superhero would you be: Cat woman :P
Do you have any piercings: yea my belly button, ears & cartlidge...i wanna
get my tounge periced
Any tattoos: Nope, not yet anyways
If so where: lower back
If not, where and what do you want: i dunno
Are you picky: Yes..kinda
What makes you cry: Lots of things
What makes you mad: People...alot of shit
What do you think of Eminem: ah different
Do you like cartoons: i dont watch t.v much
Do you believe in heaven: i guess
Do you believe in God: yea sure.. why not?
Do you think there is a hell: Sure
Do you believe in the devil: Yes
When you get mad, do you swear a lot: oh hell ya..lol
Got milk: i hate it but ya.. i got it?
Do you have a magic 8 ball: no..those are a piece of shit
Ever worn black nail polish: yesh its KOOL!
Do you have your own tv and vcr: Yes
Do you believe in fate: Not sure
Do you see dead people: lol oh yah THEIR SCARYYYYY *HIDES*
Are you a good speller: yah
Do you ever steal anything from hotels: lol......yeah
What is your last name backwards?: samoht
Do you want to be the first person on the sun when you grow up?: i am grown
Pimps - cool, scary, or illegal?: dumb

*What Do These Words Make You Think Of*
Rainbow: pretty
Frog: green
Carol: brady....lol
Solider: i dunno
Star: sky
Ticket: Movies
Breakfast: cereal

*This or that*
Florida or California?: BOTH...wait didnt you already do the this or that
Sprite or 7-UP?: Sprite
Mountains or the beach?: The beach
Savage Garden or BB Mak?: neither
AIM or MSN Messenger?: MSN
Geography or Math?: yuck neither
Leonardo DiCaprio - hot or not?: used to be.
Private schools or Public schools?: public
Email or Phone?: Phone
Baseball or Basketball?: Baseball
Do you like quieter people or extremely outgoing people?: outgoing
Sun or Moon?: Moon
Christmas or Your Birthday?: Both
Blue or Purple?: purple
Creed or Blink-182?: creed
Gelly Roll pens or Milky Pens?: gelly roll<3
Gap or Limited?: gap
Bath & Body Works or The Body Shop?: B&BW
Australia or Africa?: Australia..
Flirting or a good conversation?: Both
Which is scarier: tornado, hurricane, or earthquake?: ALL.
Middle School or High School?: High School
Wavy/curly hair or straight hair?: Straight
Blue eyes or Brown eyes?: blue :x
Gelled hair or un-gelled hair (for guys)?: Gelled
Nintendo 64 or Playstation?: playstation!
Guinea Pigs or Hamsters?: guinea pigs
Bikinis or Tankinis?: Bikini's
Hawaii or the Bahamas?: Both I guess....

Ok I think you know enough.

What time is it? 8:57 pm

*~Clovis rox my sox ;] Lubbers ya!~*
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